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Long-Time Friend From Black Tie Valet of Beverly Hills, CA
Long-Time Friend
Item No: 1010200100
The message of this elegantly crafted scroll will read:

Dear (recipient),

We've known each other through the best and worst of times. Times when I thought you were a real saint and times when you were slightly less deserving of such a word.

I know why I'm still around ~ wishing you the best on your birthday now. It's the fine thread of respect, appreciation and caring that has woven itself through the fabric of our friendship and shaped it into one that's lasting. You're the kind of friend who knows when to laugh at me and when to take me seriously and really listen when I need to talk. I'm glad you're there!

But enough about me. This is your day and I'm here for you. I have baked you a cake, put candles on it and now I'm going to sing to you, and embarrass you with my singing. I know you'll forgive me because you're the dearest person I know.

Happy Birthday!

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